veteran owned & operated

veteran owned & operated

Welcome to the den

We are not simply another gym – we are a pack of fitness fanatics devoted to accompanying you on your journey to become the Alpha version of yourself.

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Training Options

Step through our doors into a state-of-the-art fitness playground equipped with only the latest and greatest machines, gear, and amenities. No outdated, run-down equipment here – we refresh constantly to provide our members with the very best.

Cardio & classes

With a variety of cardio classes on the schedule, you’ll never get bored pushing your fitness to the next level.

state-of-the-art equipment

Whether your goal is strength, endurance or simply clearing your mind, we provide an enormous playground stocked full of the best machines, gear, and fitness tools.

boxing & mma

Spar, grapple, and clinch your way to next-level combat conditions with customized boxing, and MMA training plans.

Personal Training

Sometimes everyone needs extra help. We offer Individual and Small Group personal training to help you achieve your goals.

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Where Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


Exceptionally clean

We don’t just keep it clean, we keep it clinical. Hospital-grade solutions are applied around the clock so you can focus on your gains without germ concerns.

health technology

We utilize technology like MYZONE to track heart rate and calorie consumption real time during workouts and health testing with InBody composition analysis to precisely track changes in muscle, fat, and overall fitness over time.

safe & secure environment

Your well-being is our top priority inside and outside the gym. Best-in-class security systems. Controlled access. And staff who are always ready to protect their pack.

Will you get left behind – comfortable yet complacent – or will you join the Wolve’s Den pack to push your limits, top personal records, and evolve into the strongest version of yourself?