Address: 1010 Wall St.

                  El Paso, TX 79902

     Email:  info@wolvesdengym.net

(915) 242.6890


Wolves Den Gym

Bodybuilding / Muscular Development – Individual physique assessment, guidance and coaching in training programs, both off season and pre contest prep for professional and amateur bodybuilding/fitness competitors.


Boxing / Amateur & Professional – Development and improvement of the competitive Boxing skills in professional fighters and uncovering the potential of amateur fighters.


High and Low Cardio Classes – Cardiovascular classes that are a mixture of both boxing skills and fitness based, that is a fun way to get back into shape/get fit for beginners and advanced athletes.


Fitness Health / Weight Loss & Management – Individual assessment and personalized weight loss/ weight management programs that teach and promote better eating habits, weight management/loss, improved health and longevity.


Nutritional and Supplemental Guidance – Custom Nutritional Programs and supplements personalized to fit each individual’s body and fitness level, for those people that are just looking to lose weight, maintain or get fit.


*Body Fat /BMI Testing – Evaluating/ calculating the body fat percentage and over health assessment.